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Meet Dr. McKenzie Hollyoak with Grit City Chiropractic


In this episode, we had the pleasure to sit down in the studio with Dr. McKenzie Hollyoak with Grit City Chiropractic. This was a really fun and engaging conversation and you are sure to gain a few important health nuggets by listening in. Oh, and we geek out a bit about her super funny and witty Reels on her Instagram page as well (which you MUST check out for yourself.)

Click here to visit her website to learn more about her practice.

Go here to connect with her on IG and check out her brilliant Reels (as well as some great health tips and advice)

More about Dr. M:

Dr. McKenzie is the founding doctor of Grit City Chiropractic. Having been raised in and around the  Tacoma community - a Bellarmine graduate, Habitat for Humanity volunteer, and member of St. Leo’s Parish - she feels excited and blessed to give her energy and the gift of chiropractic to a community that has shaped her. Dr. McKenzie's passion for chiropractic began at a young age when she suffered multiple...

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Mind and Body with Stephanie Grassi

health+wellness May 04, 2021

Stephanie Grassi joined The Talking Shop Show to share about a revolutionary wearable health and wellness product called "Healy." Watch the interview as she shares the profound impact it has had not only on her personally but with many others.

You can connect with Stephanie and learn more about Healy on her Facebook page --> Mind and Body with Stephanie Grassi. 

You can also reach out to her directly on FB Messenger, or call her direct at 253-224-1760

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