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Meet Mason McCleary of Spartan Plumbing Inc.

As we sat down to talk to Mason, owner of Spartan Plumbing Inc., we could tell that he takes great pride in the company that he honestly helped build from the time he was 16 years old. Mason grew up in Bonney Lake, Washington, and spent a lot of his time with his dad, whom he credits a lot of his knowledge and work ethic to in regards to this same business. Mason’s father, always having a construction business, did some work for Spartan Plumbing putting in all of their sewer lines. He built a strong relationship with the owner at the time, and when it was time for the owner to retire in 2004, he approached Mason’s father and offered him the company.

Mason started working for his dad at this time, digging water lines and ditches after school and in his spare time, eventually working full time after graduating high school. The fact that his dad was the owner did not keep Mason from the hard work of completing an apprenticeship, learning how to lead a team, and slowly working his way up in the company. Mason says, “Working with my dad was tough, but it also taught me a lot. I couldn’t just tell him, ‘No, I don’t want to do that,’ because that would lead me to being without a job and possibly out of a home. I had to learn how to tough it out, how to handle certain situations, and lean on my dad’s knowledge.

Mason’s father eventually bought a house further away from the area, so Mason started to take on more of a managing position, coming out of the field and into the office. He then purchased the company from his father in 2018. Spartan Plumbing continues to be a family-owned and -run business since 1958, and Mason’s stepbrother, along with his stepmother, are all part of the team.

When a plumbing emergency occurs in your home or business, most people absolutely dread making that phone call. This is why Spartan Plumbing makes every attempt to ensure that their customers, from the moment of that first phone call until the job is completed, feel taken care of. “We take pride in doing the right thing and know the importance of integrity,” says Mason. “When I see a customer of ours in the grocery store, I don’t want to feel like I have to run and hide. I want to go up to them and be able to proudly shake their hand knowing that we did a good job!”

Spartan Plumbing goes above and beyond your everyday plumbing needs. Their services include drain cleaning, high-pressure jetting, home inspections, repairs, sewer camera inspections, water heater repair, re-piping services, line inspections, and even bathroom and kitchen remodeling, just to name a few! To avoid an emergency situation though, Mason advises everyone to schedule yearly maintenance. Lack of maintenance is the biggest problem they see as plumbers. “Most of your plumbing systems are out of sight, out of mind, so you have to care for your plumbing systems, even though you cannot see them.”

Here is what a few of their customers have to say:

“I had a clog that was causing sewage to fill the bathtub and the toilet. We only have one bathroom, so the situation was urgent. Spartan was there right away. The price was better than others, the speed was unbelievable, Jeff (the guy they sent out) was friendly and quickly fixed our problem. I couldn’t be happier with the service.” –Caleb H.

“Mason and the crew at Spartan were amazing! The quote was honest and EXTREMELY reasonable! They fixed my minor sink issues, installed a new garbage disposal and the sink fixture of my choice (they even offered to do so if I couldn’t find the one I wanted in time). And keep in mind I say minor, no Justin had to cut things out and rearrange things in a way that took a master plumber! Thank you and yes, I will be always using your company and referring you to EVERYONE I know!" –Arianne M.

For more information on how to contact Spartan Plumbing and have your home or business scheduled for maintenance, look them up online at spartanplumbinginc.com or give them a call at 253-948-5504.

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