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Meet Teresa Garibay of Flat Rate Staging

Meet Teresa Garibay of Flat Rate Staging
Teresa was born in Mexico and grew up in Yakima County. She moved to western Washington after graduating with a degree in criminal justice in 2005. By 2014, she had moved into flipping homes and remodeling. She realized she loved the design aspect of flipping homes. 
She decided to get her real estate and general contractor's license. 
She is most passionate about design. She thinks the greater the mess, the greater the transformation. After years of doing it all, buying the home, renovating, staging, and selling, she decided to focus on the aspect she loves the most: staging and design.
Teresa loves to put her design brain to work and create a really unique and beautiful space for everyone who walks through it. Whether clients are ready to sell their home or not, they can still work with her to revamp their interiors and optimize thor homes for their life. 
Over the past two years, many people thought staging homes wasn’t worth the money. Homes were selling so quickly at well over asking. But now, with the market shifting away from the “all-out blitz” seller's market, staging a home for sale is more important than ever. 
When buyers have more options, they can be more selective on the homes they decide to put offers on and ultimately purchase. Teresa knows that no matter how crazy the real estate market may be, staging your home is always a great decision! 
Home staging makes a big difference in not only the speed at which a home is sold but also the selling price. On average, a home that is professionally staged will sell for 17% higher than a home without staging.
The Flat Rate staging team can also help with small tweaks that need to happen before a home can be staged and listed! Things such as painting a wall or repairing trim are simple tasks that can make a big impact on potential buyers. 
If you’re getting ready to sell/stage your home, Teresa has a few tips to help you get ready. First, remember that less is more. Pair down furniture and decor in a space to make it feel more open and less cluttered. Her second piece of advice is to remember to always highlight one focal point in each space. In a living room that might be a fireplace or window and in the primary bedroom that would be the bed. 
If you’re interested in professional staging services or design help, you can learn more about Teresa’s services on www.flatratestaging.com and @flatratestaging on Instagram.
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