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Meet Sydney Chase of Sydney Brooke Art

Meet Sydney Chase, owner of Sydney Brooke Art and lover of the Pacific Northwest. 
While she is originally from Kentucky and has lived in many states, Sydney and her husband had always wanted to live in the Pacific Northwest. They were drawn to the natural beauty and temperate climate and finally decided to make the move to Puget Sound five years ago. 
Sydney has been creative her entire life. She started channeling her creativity into art and painting when her parents reached out to a local artist in their town for private instruction when she was 11 years old. She started exploring oil painting in those lessons and got hooked. In the beginning, she was worried about messing up or missing the mark. Her teacher taught her to trust the process and “just throw paint on a canvas” and see where she ended up. Years later, she still carries with her one of her first creative lessons, “It’s art; you can’t mess up.” 
Sydney attended art school in Kansas City and then moved on to teach at a nonprofit art organization in Omaha. While she started her career with oil painting (and continues to oil paint today), she made the transition to offering digital art during the pandemic. In March of 2020, Sydney and her husband were living in a 500-square apartment in downtown Tacoma, and when the shutdown came, she didn’t have enough space for oil painting. 
As artists do, she got creative, teaching herself how to create digital prints on her tablet to sell online and at local markets. She has loved the challenge of taking on a new medium and the ability to offer a range of products to her customers. Her digital prints and custom digital pieces are more affordable than her custom oil paintings, which has allowed her to reach and serve a broader audience! Traditional oil paintings can take months and are much more expensive due to the materials used and the amount of time and energy she puts in. But a digital painting is quicker to produce and doesn’t require the same amount of materials and supplies. 
For many of her prints, she uses famous poems and lyrics and weaves them into her pieces. She also leans into her husband’s creativity (he is a songwriter) for inspiration. Her custom pieces range from portraits and wedding illustrations to paintings of a family home. When clients want a custom piece, they can send her their image, and she will reimagine it and create it in the style of an oil painting. 
What excites Sydney about art isn’t just the process and studio time. Her passion is telling stories through a visual representation in her work, whether that is a portrait of a loved one, a family, or capturing a specific feeling or moment in time. 
Sydney has fallen in love with Tacoma over the past five years. She loves being a part of the art scene here and that the South Sound community values local creativity and art! To learn more about Sydney Brooke Art or to see her portfolio, head to www.sydneybrookeart.com or follow her on Instagram by searching @sydneybrookeart.
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