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Meet Jerry Hallman of Goosehead Insurance

Meet Jerry Hallman, a Goosehead Insurance agent serving Tacoma and the South Sound. 
Jerry was born and raised in the South Sound and has always had a soft spot for Tacoma. After 16 years of active duty service in the U.S. Army, he ended up at JBLM and decided he wanted to stay! So Jerry joined The Army Reserves and started his civilian life here in the North End.
Jerry’s life has been full of transitions, from being stationed all around the country, to touring in Iraq and transitioning out of active duty service, to his most recent transition from Farmers to Goosehead Insurance. 
Jerry understands that insurance agents can get a bad rap. High premiums, fees, price increases after a speeding ticket, etc. That’s why Jerry is on a mission to change the stigma around insurance agents. He has a people-first approach, and he takes the time to find the perfect policy for your family. He believes that by helping local families get the best insurance they can, he is serving his community and helping provide peace of mind to his neighbors. This service-first mindset is what first drew him to Goosehead Insurance. 
“The thing that excited me with Goosehead is that I have the ability to quote 30-plus [insurance] carriers at one time, and in about the same time, it takes a Farmers agent to quote your insurance policy or even Geico with their 15 minutes. I can do about 30 carriers in that same amount of time. And so what I end up doing is I don't try to force the client into a particular box, you know that that square peg, round hole kind of thing, I can actually sort through and find the round hole for the round piece that fits the client perfectly, and fits their budget.”
That means when you’re looking for a new policy, you don’t need to spend hours calling different insurance companies and comparing quotes. You can just reach out to Jerry directly and he can put together the best offers for your family and needs. Talk about convenience! 
Don't worry; Jerry and his team at Goosehead insurance prioritize great customer service even after you select your policy. “The other cool thing about Goosehead is that, as far as I know, we're the only company that has a fully licensed service team. Every single person is licensed in insurance. And what does that mean? That means that when you need something done, you're going to get a professional's answer, you're not going to get the customer service rep that has to put you on hold and figure something out, or get back to you later because they don't know the answer. These people can make adjustments and do the things you need.” 
Jerry takes a personal approach to insurance. When you are one of his clients, you don't have to wait on hold to speak to a stranger, you can speak directly to Jerry and his team here in your neighborhood. Jerry's office is located where Sixth Avenue, Sprague, and Divison meet. Interested in your insurance options? Send an email to [email protected]
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