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Meet Bill Peach and the Team at Budget Blinds of Gig Harbor & North Tacoma

Bill Peach was born and raised in Berkley California and moved to the PNW when his job at a major printing company transferred him in 1982. After 21 years with that company, he left them in the year 2000 and started contemplating owning his own business and working for himself. After much consideration, Bill decided on owning a franchise and bought Budget Blinds in 2002 in the Federal Way/North East Tacoma Area, close to where he lives. Shortly after, he bought his second franchise, Gig Harbor/North Tacoma Territory, and has been serving most of Gig Harbor, Fox Island, University Place, and up North to the Point Defiance area for the past 18 years. Since 2012 he has focused on the Gig Harbor/North Tacoma territory.
Budget Blinds is the largest custom window covering company in North America, having over 1,000 territories in the U.S., Canada, and even in Mexico. Local owners with local franchises, but with the international reach of a larger company. The benefit of this is that they are able to get better quality products, with a larger range of choices, but with competitive pricing. “We have more vendors than any of the competitors in our area. Corporate does a wonderful job in building what they call alliance-vendor relationships. We have several dozen alliance vendors that provide everything from credit processing, to window coverings, to office help, to HR help. They have suppliers that know our company, know our business, and know what we are trying to do, so when it comes to our consumers, for any given product type, I probably have four or five vendors that I can call on.” Bill said. They of course have their favorites; vendors the company calls on the most knowing that they will serve their clients best. Bill adds, “It tends to vary by product, so there are companies I like for one product but not for another, and vise-a-versa” 
Budget Blinds carries many products our traditional window covering competitors don’t. Our core products are blinds, shades, and shutters of various types and styles. Many of our customers are happy to find out we can also do custom draperies, hardware and even matching bedding and pillows. We even do exterior solar shades for windows, doors, and patio areas. Add a custom retractable awning and you have a new outdoor living space.
A fast-growing trend in the window covering industry is home automation. We can now control almost any type of window covering by remote control. We can tie these products into existing home automation systems, and set them up so you can control your shades via Siri, Google, or Alexa commands. One of the best parts of automated window coverings is that you can do almost anything now with rechargeable batteries. There is no more battery replacement or special wiring needed.
 Beyond the business having the most products at more affordable prices, what stands out most is the knowledge of their team. Bill’s advice, “Let us do our thing! We know the business better than any of our competitors and we are trained better.” In many applications, it’s a matter of fit. Some products just won’t work. “When we see what the customer has in mind and then see the situation of the window, we sometimes have to tell the customer that is not going to work and here’s why.” On the bright side though, Bill and his team are excellent problem solvers and have years of experience behind them. They will find a solution for your home that you will be happy with for years to come. 
What Bill has to say about his staff - 
Ailsa (Design Consultant) “She has been with me for 15 years and has had many years in the industry before that. Customers love her, they relate to her, and she knows what she’s talking about.”
Rich (Design Consultant) “Rich is a little newer. He joined us last summer and was actually one of my vendor representatives for 5 years. He relates really well to people, he’s a great problem solver, and has brought a lot of industry knowledge with him”
Jack (Installer)  “Jack is quiet but does his job really well. He’s been with me for about 10 years, but before that was a franchise owner himself so he’s been around this industry for about 15 years. There’s hardly a problem that he can’t solve.”
Kimberly (Receptionist) “Kimberly joined us about a year and a half ago. She’s warm with a friendly personality and is great on the phone. She keeps the office going and keeps everybody on schedule. Customers lover her!”
About Bill -
Bill and his wife Barbara have been married for 28 years. They have 3 grown children. The two youngest, both have special needs and live at home. Catherine (24) has a part-time job in the Pierce County Auditor’s office. Andrew (25) needs full-time care. “My wife Barbara is amazing and manages their care 24/7. Many people are surprised she does not work in our business. The fact is her taking care of all things at home allows me to be successful running the business.” The oldest, Robin lives with her husband in Oregon with Bill and Barbara’s two grandchildren.
What do you love about this publication? 
“This community has a long-time partnership with Budget Blinds. We love this publication because it allows us to be present in our community outside of just the national advertising.”
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