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Meet Carlos Taylor-Swanson & Madera Furniture Company


Located in Tacoma’s vibrant Brewery District, Madera Furniture Company has been a longtime fixture of the Tacoma community. For almost 15 years, this locally owned and operated furniture and cabinetry company has been in the business of providing high-quality, custom woodworking to commercial and residential clients in Tacoma and the surrounding region.                                                    

When Carlos Taylor-Swanson founded Madera Furniture Company in 2006, his mission was two-fold. First and foremost, Carlos wanted to fulfill his dream of going into business for himself. A lifelong maker and craftsman, Carlos arguably began his woodworking career at just 12 years old when he constructed a clubhouse in his parents’ backyard, followed by 30 years of experience doing rough and finish carpentry and luxury yacht interiors. It was only logical that the artisan would one day start his own business. Carlos’ second mission with launching Madera was to fill a gap in the local market, bringing high-quality, custom woodworking to the Tacoma area.

Where does the name "Madera" come from? Growing up with a mother who is Puerto Rican and with Spanish being spoken in the house, it just made sense (Madera means "wood" in Spanish).

Since starting Madera more than 14 years ago, Carlos has experienced the hardship and struggle of building a business from the ground up, as well as the reward that comes from carving one’s own path. With staff members that have come and gone, Carlos and the team feel that now more than ever they are equipped to serve the greater Tacoma community at the highest level.

Over the past 3 years, Carlos has been living two lives: one in Tacoma, which is centered around Madera, and one in Salt Lake City, which is centered around his family. A couple of years ago, Carlos and his family moved to Salt Lake City after Carlos’ wife, Lisa, was offered a faculty position at the University of Utah. “It’s been a back-and-forth kind of life for the last few years,” Carlos said of the experience.

Physically removing himself from Madera at a time of success was challenging for Carlos, but it’s also one of the reasons he was able to make the move. With business running smoothly and with the trusted leadership of his shop foreman, Jordan Twiggs, Carlos is confident that Madera is in good hands, and customers can feel confident as well.

Jordan has a skillset and background in fabrication work, cement work, and is an all-around craftsman. He spent some time in Colorado creating furniture on his own and built a small company there before working with a very large firm in Denver in the concrete industry. The third member of their trio is Kevin Engle who is incredibly skilled,  and able to take on just about any woodworking project.

Having a trusted team in place has made all the difference. While he and his family live in Salt Lake City home now, Carlos is in Tacoma often as he is still actively involved as the owner. Many of his design consultations, custom projects, and client meetings are done remotely, but he loves making return trips to Tacoma for in-person consults as well.

Carlos moved to Tacoma over 20 years ago after relocating from Anacortes to work for a company that built luxury yacht interiors. It was in Tacoma that Carlos honed his craft, where he and Lisa started their family, and where he built and grew his business, Madera Furniture Company.

To learn more about Madera Furniture Company and its custom cabinetry, contemporary furniture, and architectural woodwork offerings, visit Madera Furniture Company online.

Madera Furniture Company
2210 Court A
Tacoma, WA 98402
[email protected] 

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